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Calendario Calcco 2015

A small gesture with your smartphone or tablet over this calendar will introduce you each month into a new reality. Nowadays they call it Augmented, but most likely already HG Wells thought of it for a history lost in his drawer. And although Jules Verne never told us about it, surely some of his characters once had it in his mind. What once seemed visionary today you have it in your hands.

Calendario Calcco 2015
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How to use the calendar

Download the App “Calendario Calcco 2015” from the App Store, Google Play or scan the "QR" code shown below.

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Focus every month with your smartphone or tablet using the application.

Travel to the fifth dimension! Enjoy every augmented reality looking at the pages from different angles and interacting with those months that allow it. Use our application in optimal lighting conditions, or turn on the light of your device. Pump up the volume and / or use headphones to make a better experience.

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