Customer: Calcco Comunicación Visual
Work: San Mateo Posters


We wanted to represent the meaning of the Harvest Festival through a traditional recourse: the
grape treading. A mosaic of conflicting footprints that symbolize the human character of the vintage
of agricultural tasks, the different groups of people involved in the process
wine. But this mosaic is meant to represent the footprints of the party. For a few days Logroño
dresses up to celebrate San Mateo, a continuous traffic of people through the city, that
steps and savor every meter. In every corner, at any time and anywhere.



The grape is the epicenter, the point of origin, the main actor. And somehow our reason for being. we
wanted to represent the sense of the party Matea like an explosion of joy. A striking image,
direct and visual. A metaphor. We celebrate the Harvest Festival, Wine Festival. A burst of laughter,
noise and people, an explosion of joy.

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