Customer: Finca Villacreces (Grupo Artevino)
Work: Villacreces, the hidden gem of la Ribera del Duero

Have you ever felt curious to know the experience of the wine harvest at a great wine cellar? The new video made by Calcco shows how one of these critical days takes place al Finca Villacreces, the great “hidden gem” of the Ribera del Duero.

For this, a production team accompanied the wine cellar´s men for a whole day. From dawn to dusk. The tour includes the work in the field and facilities, the spectacular architecture, the process of harvesting, the care of the vineyard ... But mostly shows the human side, the work of the people, their love for the vineyard, their love the work they do.

A spectacular and elegant production, including aerial shots, which ends up like many other things: with a toast of celebration for a well done job.

Watch the video at the Finca Villacreces site:

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