Customer: Calcco
Work: Year 2015 tipographical & interactive calendar

A new way of telling time. From the letters with story toward the upcoming story. From ink to augmented reality.

That's what really hides the Calendar Calcco 2015. An exercise in craftsmanship that is able to gather on the same timeline the history of typography and the latest technology. This is materialized with impeccable finishes and effects. The Real world and virtual world in one place. Yesterday and tomorrow together toward a Fifth Dimension.

Everything is worked to detail. The choice of fonts, their brief explanation, the design of each illustration, its transformation and interactivity thanks to augmented reality or fine finish flowing throughout the calendar. Each month hides a story. In your hands is the key to discover.

You will need a smartphone or tablet device and the printed calendar on paper (or the digital version we have prepared for you on our website). To make the most of everything that offers you the calendar you will have to put all your attention on each detail, moving your device in order to perceive the depth of the images, interacting with your fingers on the image in a few months and using headphones for a better experience.


Calcco 2015 calendar
2015 Calcco calendar
2015 Calcco Calendar
2015 Calcco calendar
2015 Calcco calendar
2015 Calcco calendar
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