Graphic design

Customer: Bodegas Portia (Grupo Faustino)
Work: Visual Identity

The huge proliferation of brands and the huge worldwide growth of products, services and companies have made it more difficult than ever to create new names. At (calcco) we wanted to face the challenge of giving a name to the winery that Norman Foster was planning for the Faustino Group.

Portia (as a brand) is the result of a double interpretation that unites tradition and modernity. Tradition that is identified (in its Latin meaning) within the classic concept of an offering or handout in a display of gratitude and love as well as modernity that connects perfection with Portia's image as Uranus's seventh moon. This planet has 27 moons that are made mostly of water that is so cold that it becomes as hard as steel. Portia is one of those moons.

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