Customer: Bodegas Vetus (Grupo Artevino)
Work: Flor de Vetus Verdejo (D.O. Rueda)

First prize in category Best Printed Label, 61st Concurso de Artes Gráficas Awards, 2012.

Vetus wineries incorporates a new member to the family: Vetus Flower Verdejo. A refined design that continues and completes the range following the same pattern of their predecessors: minimal and casual aesthetics, predominance of white and floral details that characterizes it. We incorporated a thermochromic element (butterfly) which becomes visible once the wine is at the optimal temperature for consumption (below 11 ° C).

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Flor de Vetus Verdejo
Flor de Vetus Verdejo label
Flor de Vetus Verdejo label detail
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