Customer: Conelvinomeanimo
Work: El Sueño de Patricia

"El Sueño de Patricia", a limited edition of 3,486 bottles of authoring wine, is the first launch of a small cellar from Lapuebla of Labarca, Conelvinomeanimo. The wine makers have pursued excellence in every part of its preparation, so, from Calcco, we wanted to round off the project with a female and evocative packaging. The enveloping label offers a reading sequence: first, the image of a small paper mill, lost in the space (blank), invites to get closer to see its shapes and finishes. Then, when spinning the bottle, we find the name of the wine presented exquisitely. The bottle is hand sealed with pink wax, a unique and exclusive detail. For this first wine we also developed the design of the bag, matching the color of the pink bottle seal.

Bag and bottle
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