Customer: Bodegas Finca Nueva
Work: Finca Nueva (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

Selected in category Best Packaging, Anuaria 2009 Awards.

The customer requested a design that would respond to the "pleasure wines" concept, wine to be enjoyed. An open, casual design was sought, one that would distance itself from the stereotypes and that could be integrated easily into a wide range of wines (through a color code). An open cage is synonymous with provocation, a silent invitation to the search for freedom.

Finca Nueva
Finca Nueva Creativa
Finca Nueva Rosado
Finca Nueva Detalle
Finca Nueva Contra
C/ Nieva de Cameros 4, bajo, 1. · 26008 - Logroño (La Rioja), Spain · Tfno. (+34) 941 224 298