Customer: Viñedos La Maldita
Work: La Maldita (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

La Maldita is the popular name with which the Garnacha variety was formerly known, due to its low yields and the difficulty of its cultivation. For years their strains have been replaced by Tempranillo until it was confined in difficult zones, at a high altitude and in small vineyards. Today, however, it is again appreciated.

La Maldita Wines has recovered that old name for its wine family, started with a red wine of great character, to which they have recently joined a White and a Rosé. From its presentation, little to say, because it speaks for itself. Amazing, daring, irreverent and... challenging. La Maldita is back.

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Original ilustration for packaging La maldita
La Maldita Packaging
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