Customer: Viñedos La Maldita
Work: La Maldita (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

"La Maldita" is the common name with which was once known the Grenache (a greap variety) because of its low efficiency, difficulty of cultivation or its high oxidation, according to different versions. There is an agreement in that this was a little beloved variety by winemakers, something very different to what happens today.

"La Maldita" is exactly the name chosen for this wine, 100% Grenache, with its target placed on the competitive international market of monovarietal wines. That's one of the reasons for its bold design. Striking, almost irreverent, with the (healthy) intend to differentiate themselves from their competition. The result speaks for itself.

Original ilustration for packaging La maldita
La Maldita Packaging
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