Customer: Bodegas Pujanza
Work: Añadas Frías & Cisma (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

Añadas Frías (Cold Vintages) is a special wine from Bodegas Pujanza, which has been marketed only twice in its history: 2007 and 2010. The key is easily understandable. They were two cold vintages as few. They are obvious, therefore, the reasons why it is now presented Añadas Frías 2013. A white with the crisp acidity.

Cisma, meanwhile, is a sober red wine that has spent 22 months in french oak barrels.

Both of them now present their new image, a rich tactile sensations design, elegant 'short distance' finishes which position them at the top of the family. A design coherent with the packaging made for Hado, Norte and Valdepoleo. So, Cisma and Añadas Frías pass complete a set full of new wills and joined by the uniqueness that has brought the vineyard from which each of them comes.

Packaging for the new family of wines from Bodegas Pujanza
Packaging for Cisma & Añadas Frías from Bodegas Pujanza
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