Customer: Bodegas Cruz de Alba
Work: Finca Los Hoyales (D.O. Ribera del Duero)

"Needless to dominate nature, we only have to listen and obey it"

A natural element with a natural gesture. Finca Los Hoyales is a wine that keeps a special relationship with the natural life. It is made following biodynamic techniques, in which the action of listening and feeling nature is practically an obligation. Its creator, Sergio Ávila, is a dowser of the XXI century, a person who fully understands the mutual gesture of giving and receiving from the earth.

Given these premises, it was decided to carry out a silk screened fabric label, which includes the universal gesture of offering and receiving. A recognizable gesture beyond time. An action of mutual respect and consideration.


Packaging for Finca Los Hoyales, Bodegas Cruz de Alba
Packaging for Finca Los Hoyales, Bodegas Cruz de Alba
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