Customer: Ortega Ezquerro
Work: Ortega Ezquerro (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

Vinos del pueblo de Tudelilla. A village with roots. La Pedriza as an idea. These three short sentences perfectly reflect the philosophy of Ortega Ezquerro. Cellar and municipality are integrated into a microcosm where the vineyard and the making of wine are immersed in the oldest of the traditions.

The Ortega Ezquerro wines come mostly from a village estate called La Pedriza that is above all a "concept itself" more than just a term. A concept that claims particular wines by both its varieties and their own strains, which sink their roots directly on the stone. An image that is present in most presentations, which elegant typographic elements are added with a certain aroma of the past.

Family of wines Ortega Ezquerro
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