Customer: Rioja Vega
Work: Tempranillo Blanco Reserva (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

Everything is surprising in the new Rioja Vega's Tempranillo Blanco Reserva. Its bet on an unusual variety begun several years ago and, after checking its behavior, is increasingly determined. We speak of a Tempranillo Blanco fermented in barrel white wine aged in barrel for 14 months.

If the content is not common, its outside presentation is not far behind. It recurs, as on other occasions, to the representation of the cellar, but it does so through a beautiful illustration inspired by nineteenth-century engravings. A set that moves us to another time, perhaps to 1882, the winery's founding year whose history is always present.

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Packaging Rioja Vega Tempranillo Blanco Reserva
Packaging for Rioja Vega Tempranillo Blanco Reserva (D.O.Ca. Rioja)
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