Customer: Eulogio Pomares
Work: Enzebro

The Enzebro is a wild, donkey-like equine, supposedly extinct in the year 8,000 BC, but that, according to different sources, might have survived in Spain until the sixteenth century. Completely true or not, its history appears surrounded by a halo of mystery suitable for the new presentation of Eulogio Pomares. And it is not wine.

The Galician oenologist presents an Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Superior, 100% of the variety Hojiblanca, coming from centenary olive trees of the center of the province of Málaga. A personal creation that needed an intervention that adapted both to the philosophy of Eulogio and the aesthetic tradition of the highest quality oils in Spain. A set that lives up to the precious olive juice it contains.

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Packaging for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Enzebro
Packaging for the Extra Virgin olive Oil Enzebro
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