Customer: Bodegas Carlos Serres
Work: Marysol (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

Is it possible to imagine the freshness? Is it feasible to synthesize the sweetness? Can a wine sing? And if all this is possible separately, is there any way to represent something fresh and sweet that gets the wine to sing and its evils scare?

Without hesitation. Marysol has come to talk about youth, love and desire. With a simple glance it has broken the barriers, he has frightened our evils and left our sorrows for tomorrow. All this just with its presence. Because if you taste it, there is no way back.

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Marysol Bottle Silhouette
C/ Nieva de Cameros 4, bajo, 1. · 26008 - Logroño (La Rioja), Spain · Tfno. (+34) 941 224 298