Customer: Oxer Bastegieta
Work: Suzzane (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

Oxer Bastegieta elaborates Suzzane entirely with grenache from centennial vines. His particular philosophy when it comes to making Rioja wines is summarized in a simple axiom: a wine, a vineyard.

More difficult is to translate the universe of ideas that flow from his head to an image that represents his creation. Because Suzzane is myth and it is reality. It is a world where God dreams of people who do not stop being born, because death is nothing more than a lie.

Eduardo Galeano Dixit - Mito de los indios makiritare · Memorias del fuego (back label Suzzane).

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Packaging for Oxer Bastegieta's Suzzane
Suzzane's bottle
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