Customer: Bodegas Vetus (Grupo Artevino)
Work: Vetus (D.O. Toro)

Packaging project for a new Toro winery. A design in which absence predominates. A doodle that winds through the label and deals with the concept in which the Vetus image is articulated: that which is prohibited. In order to fashion the design with a storyline, we write a manifesto that would serve as a starting point (in the style of the old art vanguards in the first decades of the twentieth century).

Vetus: Verb originating in Latin. Does not allow something to happen. Prohibit, ban, bar, prevent. We are seeking a comprehensive element that is multicultural and is branded with a graphic personality. We look for the raw material, the essence, the primal instinct. We look for the source of that which is prohibited because within prohibition the source of attraction, curiosity, and bewilderment is found. We love risk, provocation, challenge…

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