Customer: Bodegas Orben (Grupo Artevino)
Work: Orben (D.O.Ca. Rioja)

Development of packaging for a new Rioja wine. The design is adjusted to the premise set by the customer: a modern and differentiated line with a sharp and highly visual graphic.

More than an etymological particularity with the Orben name (circle, universe, etc.), the proposal moves towards the use of a circular imagotype. A comprehensive element that is found in the source of life. Moreover, the contours of the circle are created with a fluid line without start or finish in which each of its points has fundamental significance. This is the idea of the infinite return of the life cycle itself that can be applied to the process of making wine with stages that occur in an uninterrupted manner and are repeated continuously and with equal importance. Everything contributes. The imagotype represents unity with the Earth, with the source of natural life, with the uniqueness of the winery itself. The colors chosen: black, brown and silver add elegance, serenity and simplicity.

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