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Every impact leaves its mark. It jolts a memory. It activates a feeling. If we come together with a method and creative potential, new sensations will be freed automatically. That which seemed disconnected will be connected and the initiatives will win their award. They reach their goal.



The beginning. The end. And all that a creative process entails that is laid out for a comprehensive communication. A multidisciplinary development for business services. That's the point. Photography, graphic design, packaging, communication and strategic marketing, multimedia. Or in other words. Sensitivity, design, innovation, ideas, development and content.

Expert vision to serve your mission.

    A suggestive push aiding the purchase. Persuasive Perception.

    The success of the packaging is to facilitate the purchase. Make an object into an attractive and desirable product. The beginning of excitement. The ability to excite and transmit the values of a brand and product features, its personality, and differentiation.

    Since the first impression all the way to close up customer consumption, the key of habit, that is our goal.

    The design influences and incites the consumers' emotions, guiding his or her conduct. Calcco offers a tested and successful method of work focused on achieving social and commercial goals. Giving character to the brands, facilitating their purchase, meeting goals.
    Make the personality of the company Visible

    The image that wants to be given off. The best impression possible. The first. The one that counts.

    Communicate a collective idea of belonging and finality through display elements, typographies, and color codes. Specific messages to specific groups: Your company to your customers, your brand's social outreach.

    Our mission is to develop uniform identity concepts and quality that give power through their brand notoriety and profitability in the market. The graphic and verbal representation of your project. Your character, your values, your way of doing and acting, the materials to transmit and communicate, definitively, the differentiating element facing the competition and the market.

    An investment that must be long-term, identifiable, and competitive. Versatile in order to optimize its use in different formats and capable of persuading your audience and reaching the desired position.
    A constructed reality

    First a shot, then a download. That's digital photography. Creativity without limits.

    We should not underestimate the importance of a good image. It is important that photography captures our attention, either through an unreal situation, from a good photo retouching, or from a prepared scene that tells us about something that is going on. Accompanied with a good headline, these types of messages are the main anchor in an advertising graphic.

    The advertising photograph is a fantasy world but with many touches of reality. Fantasy because worlds must be built from nothing, the majority of times by altering reality. And reality because we are looking to photograph something concrete: we are looking for a feeling, to transmit a real message.

    For this to occur, at Calcco we are specialized in capturing and editing digital images. We have the most modern and up to date technology for capturing images, offering maximum quality and resolution. Over fifteen years of experience in the field of advertising photography endorses our work.
    New languages for a new world.

    Internet, the new digital environment and its tools have created a full revolution for the traditional communication systems. We do not live in a changing era, we are participating in a change of an era. A new way of thinking. A new way of seeing and being seen. A new creative dimension for a long journey.

    New habits for information consumption. It is the ideal distribution method for message segmentation to gain efficiency and go farther with fewer resources. Our department offers the most advanced programming languages. Tools for electronic commerce, social networks, and most importantly, comprehensive consulting services capable of making each project profitable and of long-term merit.
    Everything is easier and more profitable if we draw out a good plan and continual and consistent communication.

    Consistency, efficiency and continuity. Values that make your investment profitable, that refine each movement in search of precise objectives.

    Business communication coexists with extreme interference. Poor planning, lack of definition of audiences and goals, interruptions, and others. Silences in our message that reduce the momentum and results. These blur the investment.

    Everything is easier and more profitable if we draw out a good plan and continual and consistent communication. An effective message that endures through time and in our public objectives.

    Having a depth of feeling for our company's communication is as important as being aware of the need for it. Calcco finishes the tools that are developed with strategic communication plans.

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