Web design and programming

Customer: Bodegas Ramón Bilbao
Work: www.bodegasramonbilbao.es

Development of corporate website, with elegant design which gives strenght to the brand and breathes tradition. The home page has an image slider, two important news and links to different parts of the group Ramón Bilbao.

The site is pro­grammed in HTML, Javascript, and PH­P5. It is ful­ly op­ti­mized for SEO and com­plies with the 2AA ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty stan­dard. It has a con­tent man­ag­er from which im­ages can be up­load­ed to the vis­i­tor gallery, man­age­ment of the press area (news) and con­trol of a ban­ner/high­light for the home page.

Visit the website: www.bodegasramonbilbao.es

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