Web design and programming

Customer: Consorcio de Jabugo
Work: www.capanegra.es

Never a web was so appetizing. The presentation of the Capa Negra Iberian products produced by  Consorcio de Jabugo seems to transcend the virtual world bringing us a full a world of sensations. Navigating to the different sections, it seems you can almost feel the aroma and taste of their shoulderhams, backhams and sausages.
Here the product is the true protagonist. With a clear and precise exposition and structure (we are dealing with a fully functional space), the web site includes the origin, development and presentation of various products, giving to its image the real value and the importance that it deserves.

The set comes complete with a section of questions that help to clarify concepts and misconceptions and especially with the section devoted to recipes signed by Martin Berasategui and which, definitively, words are unnecessary.

Vi­si­t the website: www.capanegra.es

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