Web design and programming

Customer: Visual Wine
Work: www.visualwine.es

The Visual Wine Website is above all the on-line store that allows to launch this ancient act of gifting, in this case a bottle of wine with a message, the idea guiding this new project. It is also a corporate container which presents the wines, a guide to the system usage and the important news.

Vinsual is a wine to be watched, a wine as a gift, a wine with a message. Vinsual is a project which envolves packaging, graphic design, typography, mobile application, web development and augmented reality. Each bottle has the possibility to include a hidden message that only the recipient can decrypt making use of the latest technology. But basically, we're talking about the history of man. The need to communicate by any means. The new and the old shake hands.

Vi­si­t the website: www.visualwine.es

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