Web design and programming

Customer: Bodegas y Viñedos Gómez Cruzado
Work: www.gomezcruzado.com

The centenary winery Gómez Cruzado has relied on Calcco the design and development of its new website. The project was faced as an exercise with full breadth of vision. All the worthy content, all the services that the winery offers and the largest possible number of sensations in a friendly, stylish setting.

The world of wine has just become that: a whole "world" of new ideas, images, alternatives and feelings. This made necessary an almost voluminous, well structured and so inviting extensive proposal. It is important all that it tells, how it does tell it and what this means for real and virtual visitors. The words are of little use. We are in a web in which everything is really worth.

Visit the website: www.gomezcruzado.com

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