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Customer: Restaurante La Merced
Work: www.restaurantelamerced.com

Restaurante La Merced is a unique, matchless place, where everything is thought-out to enjoy. Lorenzo Cañas is its visible soul, although behind him, three daughters maintain a legacy that belongs to the most recent history of La Rioja.

The new website of La Merced opens as an invitation with which Lorenzo Cañas opens us to turn the doors of his house, to show each and every one of the things that can turn your wedding or professional event in something unforgettable. Its spectacular facilities, all services and, almost for the first time, these culinary creations which are in the mouth of everyone. A well-thought website, such as the Merced itself, to enjoy it.

Visit the website: www.restaurantelamerced.com

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C/ Nieva de Cameros 4, bajo, 1. · 26008 - Logroño (La Rioja), Spain · Tfno. (+34) 941 224 298