Web design and programming

Customer: El Coto de Rioja
Work: www.elcoto.com

Structured as a portal, elcoto.com is a website that has extensive content in which the information and web configuration possibilities have prized the aesthetic aspect. A fully modular home page with six configurable highlights from the CMS welcome the user.

The dropdown menu allows access to any section of the website with just one click. The web grows vertically based on the texts and contents in each section. Almost all the images in the site can be zoomed in with Javascript. A powerful search engine that is always located in the header allows us access to any content that we desire quickly by searching using keywords. The content manager, built to the specifications of this project, allows for a large part of the website to be controlled. At any time, the customer can replace images, upload news, downloads, and configure the home page in different ways, change the wine catalogue files, etc. Said content manager also includes a tool to create and send newsletters. The site is programmed in HTML, Javascript, and PHP5. It is fully optimized for SEO and complies with the 2AA accessibility standard.

It is also prepared t be fully functional and browsable from any mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.).

Visit the website: www.elcoto.com

C/ Nieva de Cameros 4, bajo, 1. · 26008 - Logroño (La Rioja), Spain · Tfno. (+34) 941 224 298